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My name is Anthony Fournier, a Drupal, Web, and Application Developer with over 17 years of organizational and full lifecycle development experience. I currently work with Mediacurrent as a Drupal Developer to improve the web presences of our clients. This is my personal website where I post example code and articles about web development and some of the projects I worked on as a freelancer, prior to joining the Mediacurrent team.


I’m experienced in front and backend web development, using PHP with Drupal or WordPress and MySQL database on the backend, and CSS3, SASS, with jQuery or Javascript on the front-end. I'm also experienced in software application development using Java, PHP, C++, and Cobol. I'm interested in creating solutions to help organize, utilize and present the information that is important to us in our work and daily living.


This code is from the Freebil Drupal module, and shows an example of form building. This function is used for creating or updating customer email addresses. There is logic for determining whether the email address already exists or not in the function... + continue reading

This code is from the Freebil Drupal module and it shows how to do the standard CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with the Drupal Database API.

Creating a collapsing header navigation menu required writing code in PHP/HTML, CSS3, and jQuery. So this code sample contains these three excerpts which are labeled for clarity. This creates a main menu that is hidden by default, only showing the... + continue reading


AJF Web Development website screenshot
I redesigned my own website to reflect a change in my marketing message from "freelance consultant for hire" to "future contributor to an organization". For this project I used the Drupal Bootstrap theme framework and... + continue reading
Freebil drupal module screenshot
I created the Freebil Drupal module to function as a billing and invoicing application for consultants or small businesses. Freebil manages all your customer, contact, invoicing, and payment information, and is meant to... + continue reading
junior chef stars students
Junior Chef Stars is a culinary school for kids and teens that serves the San Francisco Bay area. I redesigned their Drupal website to give it a fresh, warmer look while showcasing their students, mission... + continue reading

My name is Anthony Fournier, and AJF Web Development is the web design and development company I founded in the United States in 2014. I create or redesign websites using the Drupal and WordPress Content Management Systems.